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KP Tape Measure

The KP Golf Tape is a tape measure that is designed specifically for golf. One of its main uses is Closest to the Pin contest. Measuring is easily accomplished by a single person and causes absolutely no damage to the hole. The Members and Guests at your club will truly appreciate your investment as they will have an easy and accurate way of measuring their closest to the pin contests and will get those proximity markers off the green. The tape is 100% accurate and eliminates any question or arguments as who is closer to the pin. It clips on the flag stick, stays where you position it and still has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. It works on all flag sticks as they are made the same size at the bottom whether straight, tapered or oversized.

The KP Golf Tape can be used for other such things as measuring a chip off during a horse race, measuring to see whose turn it is in match play events, setting up a perfect circle around a hole for inside the circle contest, or using on the putting green to set up and measure a putting contest. Country clubs and golf courses are now using the KP Golf Tape both nationwide and internationally. Men's and Women's clubs are using them for their events. They have been met with excellent reviews by everyone who has had a chance to use one.

Proximity sign

The KP Golf Tape can be paired with your existing proximity markers or you can pair it with a clipboard with a proximity sheet next to the green. If you are interested in a complete system we also carry a proximity sign. It sticks in the ground next to the green, has a place to hold the tape when not in use, has a clip board clip for proximity sheets and a place for two pencils. It's a great way to keep everything together in one place.