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Golf Gadget Review: KP Golf Measuring Tape

By Tony Korologos a.k.a. mediaguru

I play with two groups of golfers who have a “greenie” game. Greenies are awarded to the player who is closest to the pin, usually on par-3′s or in the case of one of my groups on every hole. Greenies are worth a buck in this group, but with carryovers they can add up. So there have been some intense times when there’s a four hole greenie carryover and there’s a dispute as to who is really closer.We’re talking big money here, $16 to the winner.

Now that I have a KP Golf Tape in the bag, those disputes are resolved perfectly and without any doubt. KP Golf Tape is a 100 foot long measuring tape designed and built for golf. Let’s take a look.

KP Golf Tape Features


Like I mentioned, KP Golf Tape is great for measuring greenies.

The tape would make great use for golf course officials who need to determine who is away in match play. While the USGA was here in town for the Amateur Public Links, I watched many USGA officials fuddling with regular tape measures and asking for someone to help out and hold the tape measure to the cup or stick. That mess would be rectified easily with a KP Golf Tape unit.

Another usage is for practice drills. One could use the tape to put tees or markers in a green at a certain distance from a pin.

With the clamp's ability to rotate around the hole, a circle could be easily painted for competitions with the help of the KP Golf Tape.


KP Golf Tape is a super solid unit. Very well built. At $49.95 it is an investment, but it will probably last longer than the investor. If you or your organization finds the need for measurements around the green, KP Golf Tape is the ticket.

The KP Golf Tape-REVIEW

An Official MyGolfSpy Review


Many items arrive at my doorstep throughout the year. As you have seen from my reviews, either they are successful at what they do, or they are not. Whether they get a rating of a 50 or a 100, all of the items start from a good idea. An idea that is put into action so that everyday golfers like you and me can be a better golfer or perform tasks easier. One of those items is the KP Golf Tape. This product, whether you are an official, tournament director, or just an average Joe on the practice green, can make the actions you are performing much easier.

What is it?

The KP Golf Tape is simply a measuring tape for golfers to use to measure distances between the hole and either your ball or a spot on the green.

How to Use

The KP Golf Tape is EXTREMELY easy to use. It is basically a four step process. Open the clasp and then secure it around the flagstick. After doing those two steps, drag the tape to your golf ball and read your measurement. After that is done, just roll the measuring tape using the wheel on the back, and then store it. If you need to measure more than one ball, you do not even have to walk back to the flagstick and repeat the process. What makes the KP Golf Tape so unique is the fact that you can rotate it 360 degrees. This just makes an easy product even easier to use.

Does it Work?

Three words come to mind when I think about the KP Golf Tape: easy, portable, and effective.

Easy: As I mentioned above, it is very easy to use. The four step process may seem simple on your computer screen, but it is even simpler in person.

Portable: After rolling up the tape, it easily fits into your golf bag, which I find impressive for 100 feet of measuring.

Effective: It is very simple. The KP Golf Tape works. The KP Golf Tape is even more effective because of the many different things that you can do with it. It is very versatile, and I will describe the many different uses below.


Tournament Directors and Golf Courses: Because of its ease of use and 360 degree capabilities, the KP Golf Tape is perfect for Closest-to-the-Pin competitions for tournaments. Not only will it be easy to measure a foursome's shots, but it will be quick because you just have the ability to go around the green with ease.

Officials: This is perfect for officials too. You can easily measure the closeness of golf balls to the pin, which allows for them to quickly decide who putts first.

Average Golfer: This is where the KP Golf Tape shines. Average golfers like you and me can easily benefit from having this product. On the practice green, you can set up different drills. Many golfers talk about setting up three foot circles, and drills of that nature. The KP Golf Tape lets you set up those drills quickly. For lag putting, you can easily measure out different lengths and practice from 30, 40, and 50 feet. How about the ambitious stat keeper? You can easily measure your ball on the course with it. When you use this product, you will become quicker and quicker with it. You can easily gather accurate measurements for your first putt length. By no means does that mean that you should measure when you have a foursome up your butt, but during a practice round, it can be very beneficial. I trust that you golfers who are reading this know when and when not to use it.


The 100 foot KP Golf Tape retails on their website for $49.95. Originally, I thought that was a little expensive for a measuring tape. After seeing its effectiveness, I can tell you that I have changed my mind about that. If you are the type of golfer that likes to visit the practice green, and you visit it often, it will be very beneficial to you. For tournament directors and golf courses, you will be using it a lot and it speeds up play. Like I always say, you all know yourselves best. If you are going to use this weekly, it is definitely worth the $50.


I am going to keep this short and sweet. The KP Golf Tape is staying in my bag and I will definitely be using it on the practice green. If you are going to use it on a consistent basis, it will be easily be worth the $50.

Golf Balled Review of KP Golf Tape

Do you and your buddies play Closes to the Pin? Do you like to practice putts? If so then the KP Golf Tape is for you.

The KP Golf Tape is a measuring tape with a special clip made specifically for use in golf. The clip attaches to the flag stick and makes measuring who is closest to the pin extremely easy. It is really cool and easy to use. Attach clip to flag stick and you can rotate 360 degrees without having to move clip. Once it is in place you can stretch the tape out and measure each ball.

Before I started to use KP Golf Tape measuring took 2 people. One person had to hold it near the lip of the cup while the other would stretch out. Now it just takes one person. It also cuts the time needed to measure, speeding play up.

Another neat use is marking your distance during putting drills. You want to hit putts from 3 feet or 100 feet simply attach clip measure exact distance stick a tee in the ground as your marker. I also liked that once attached I was able to make a complete circle around flag stick at 3 feet and 6 feet. It was quick, and easy to set up my putting drills.

I really like the KP Golf Tape. It's easy to use. Speeds up play and allows you to set up for practice fast and easy. The KP Golf Tape has a permanent place in my bag.

Tom Tucker Golf, WGTF "Top 100 Golf Teacher" and USGTF Certified Class "A" Professional

A few weeks ago I contacted Dave Roark, Founder/President, K-P Tape Measures about a product that he has developed for golf, the KP Golf Tape. After some correspondence, Dave sent me a tape for testing and review.

I'm pretty impressed and excited about this product.

The KP 100 Golf Tape is a 100 foot measuring tape for showing distance from the hole. It's an ingeniously constructed measuring tape that attaches securely to the pin for dead on measurement accuracy. I tested the product and exposed it to a few other professionals, and all agreed that this is the best measuring tape made for this purpose that any of us have ever seen.

It's heavy duty, works with a very smooth action, it's extremely accurate, it rotates 360 degrees, and it's real easy to use.

Having one should be a no brainer for any course owner for their par three closest to the pin contests for tournaments, and for any golf instructor for measuring results or for setting up drills for putting and chipping instruction.

If you take your own putting and chipping practice seriously, you should have one of these for drills and for measuring results for yourself.

If you happen to be playing on a day when the course isn't too busy, or if you have access to a practice hole, the KP 100 is perfect for measuring how close your approach shots land to the pin, which is excellent feedback for how your practice time should be spent.

If you have a group that plays regularly, and if you play for greenies on par three's, this is the ultimate argument settler for who's closest to the pin. Your group needs one of these! You can't stretch or distort the measurement, what you see is what you get.

Try this, you'll like it.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,


This review was written by Bob Barrette, Lead Test Administrator, GolfTest USA

The unique feature of the KP Golf Tape Measure is, only a single person is needed to measure which ball is closest to the pin, no matter how many balls need to be checked. With other measuring devices, one end is placed in the hole and one ball is measured, if another ball needs to be checked, the end in the hole has to be picked up and re-inserted in the direction of the second ball, a second person is usually utilized to accomplish this. The K.P. tape on the other hand clamps onto the flag pin, and allows you to measure as many balls as needed, without ever touching the clamping mechanism, as it freely rotates in every direction required to complete all measurements. The K.P. Tape is time saving, requires half of the normal manpower, and is simple and easy to use. A very well designed, and efficient golf tool that will pay for itself the first time it is used in a closest to the pin event. Cutting labor cost by 50%. 2 thumbs up!

The Sand Trap

"KP Golf Tape is easy and quick to use. built to last" by cliffj
The KP Golf Tape (KP Tape) is a basically a tape measure that is 100 feet long that has a clamp that easily clamps onto the flagstick, does not damage the cup, and starts measuring from the edge of the cup. It is extremely easy to use. This ease is quickly noticed when you are going to measure a ball which is on the other side of the green from where you are. All you do is clamp on the flagstick as you walk by and keep on moving. There is no need to remove the flag as is required by most current mechanical measuring devices. - Read more at

The Sand Trap

"Will help speed up play and confusion; KP Golf Tape is a no brainer for golf tournaments or Greenie bets" by mvmac
Throughout high school and college I played in a few regular groups where the KP Golf Measuring Tape would have been very useful. We had various bets going on during the round. One of them was a Greenie bet (closest to the hole on par 3's) that were worth $5 and at least once a week you'd find one of us trying to figure who's closest by pacing the distance or using our putters to "measure". If only we had the KP Tape, it would have saved us time and maybe even a few arguments - Read more at

Golf Blogger

"A well thought out design, well-constructed. Every pro should have one in his office."
In friendly golf games, the question of who is "away" is almost never an issue. If "ready golf" is not the rule, players just eyeball the situation and execute a gentleman's agreement. When there's money or a championship on the line, however, a more precise measurement may be needed.

That's where the KP Golf Tape comes in. This is a 100 foot tape measure with an end specially designed to clamp on a flag pole. Rollers inside the clamp let it freely rotate around the pole to any point on the green without damaging the hole or the green. - Read more at